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Personal Finance Planning Services for Canmore Clients

At MB Wealth Management, we want to help you achieve the best future possible through our personal finance planning services. We’ll take into consideration your retirement, tax and estate planning needs to create strategies to help you best meet your life goals. Our comprehensive financial planning will also address your asset allocation, risk and financial management needs and how it all fits together.

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Retirement Modeling

While retirement is an exciting milestone to achieve, this lifestyle change comes with its own set of challenges. However, we can help you solve some of the uncertainties you’ll face. With our retirement modeling service, we’ll be able to generate a custom designed plan to suit your specific goals so you can go into retirement with confidence. We’ll be able to help you answer questions from when and how much money you’ll need for retirement, to what government programs will be available when you retire, how your pension works and more.

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Estate Planning

All that hard work and the discipline to save for retirement has helped you accumulate a nice estate value. We’ll help you protect and preserve your hard-earned assets and savings so you can pass them on to your heirs. Aside from ensuring that you have a will, power of attorney and a living will, our estate planning services will look at tax saving strategies and asset structuring so your assets and savings can be passed on with the least amount of tax.

To book an appointment, give us a call. We provide service to Canmore, Calgary, and Banff.

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