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Protecting Banff Clients with Health, Dental & Travel Insurance

Avoid the risk of exorbitant medical costs by protecting yourself with proper insurance. Whether you need travel insurance, health and dental or a personal health spending plan, MB Wealth Management is happy to provide you with healthcare plans you can afford.

Travel Insurance

We have several travel insurance options available for clients travelling within Canada or outside of the country. To suit your specific travel plans, we offer coverage plans for:

  • Single trip

  • Multi trip

  • Canada only

  • Quick trip

  • All-inclusive

  • Trip cancellation or interruption

Health and Dental Plans

Looking for an amazing traditional health and dental plan like the one you used to have? Or do you need additional coverage to fill in the gaps on your current one? With our flexible and affordable coverage through Manulife Flexcare, you’ll be able to choose both the type and the amount of coverage you want. We provide special rates for couples and families with three children or more, as well as increased coverage for those aged 65 or older. Have you just lost your coverage? Contact us immediately! We have plans that don’t require underwriting as long as you’re within 60 days of your old work coverage.

Personal Health Spending Plans

Are you self-employed or have your own business? If you prefer a customized plan for your family with almost no restrictions, personal health spending plans (PHSP) are the answer. Through PHSPs with Custom Care, we can also make your personal health expenses tax deductible to your company. With customizable plans, we believe that Custom Care can provide the most affordable and comprehensive health care benefits for your family’s unique requirements.

To discuss any of our plans further, please give us a call. We’re happy to provide service to Canmore, Calgary, and Banff.

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